1. 5 days in Singapore 5 days in Dubai

5 days in Singapore 5 days in Dubai

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10 days between Singapore and Dubai.

Singapore is a small but powerful city-state located in Southeast Asia. Despite its small size, Singapore is known for its impressive skyline, modern infrastructure and architecture.

The city is home to a diverse population of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European descent, and this cultural diversity is reflected in the food, architecture and festivals that can be found here. Visitors can sample a wide range of delicious cuisines, visit beautiful temples and mosques, and attend colorful festivals and events.

The city is home to a series of world-class museums, theme parks and gardens, including the iconic Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Zoo. Visitors can also enjoy a range of outdoor activities, from hiking and biking in the surrounding rainforests to water sports on the city's beaches.

Whether you want to explore its rich cultural heritage, discover its world-class attractions or do business, Singapore is a destination that is sure to impress.

What more could you want than to add the magnificent Dubai to your journey? Its skyscrapers and other imposing buildings will force your admiration.

Day or night, this jewel of the United Arab Emirates is animated by a joie de vivre that allows you to relax and enjoy life.

Between the desert safari, the Dubai tour, the boat rides, there is absolutely everything to feast your eyes on.

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✈️ Round trip airfare

📄 Visa and insurance for Dubai

🏨 3* or 4* Hotel with Breakfast

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Flightyou will be entitled to a round trip air ticket Douala-Singapore-Dubai-Douala
Visaan entry visa to Dubai + special insurance covid19
Hotel3* or 4* hotel in Singapore or Dubai with breakfast
Shuttlean airport-hotel-airport shuttle
Tourismall city singapore/Dubai, safari, cruise marina dubai, water park singapore, garden


Tourismday trip to Sentosa Island, visit to Abu Dhabi city


Day 1: Departure from the airport to Singapore City

Day 1: Departure from the airport to Singapore City

- Make sure you have all your documents ready (passport, boarding ticket, vaccination card, Covid test less than 72 hours old if you are not vaccinated for destinations that require it)

- In your luggage, put clothes adapted to the hot climate of the city. Don't forget your sunglasses, sunscreen and other accessories.

Take shoes in which you will be comfortable throughout the day.

- Signal your guide before takeoff

Day 2: Arrival in Singapore and beginning of the stay

Day 2: Arrival in Singapore and beginning of the stay

You will arrive at the Singapore airport after the formalities towards your hotel where you will be able to rest

Day 3: River and night safari

Day 3: River and night safari

The legendary Night Safari at Singapore Zoo goes beyond the typical zoo experience. Enhanced by the subtle glow of moonlight, the jungle comes alive each night for visitors to see animals exploring their free-ranging environments, designed to replicate the reflections of the Southeast Asian rainforest and the Indian subcontinent.

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